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EzyReveal CMYK2

EzyReveal Trim-Free Window Reveals

Create a premium trim-free, square-set interior finish with EzyReveal®; the durable steel window reveal that eliminates the need for moldings and trims.

Installation is simple and secure with EzyReveal; manufactured from cold rolled BlueScope Steel and designed for quick and economical finishing, the specially formulated surface offers a seamless connection with the drywall.

Pre-punched perforated sides allow for easy fixing and is available in standard and custom reveal lengths.

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EzyReveal CMYK2

Available in Square Set, Window and Custom Window Reveals, protect your windows whilst boosting your interior aesthetics with EzyReveal®.

Product Advantages

  • Designed for quick and economical finishing of reveals from 20 to 250mm
  • 20 width variants to suit various applications
  • Specially formulated surface finish for seamless connection with the drywall

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